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About us

A few words about Mobitti

Our solutions are in use by many organizations.

In a very short time you can have a branded mobile app for your users.

We offer a cloud based solution, no need to purchase HW/SW.
We offer solutions for the higher education sector and for organizations. We are constantly adding new features to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our customers.

Main features include:

  • Android & IOS Support
  • Digital forms
  • Time clock
  • Polls and surveys
  • Updates and news
  • Procedures
  • Attendance
  • Push notifications
  • Social capabilities
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Barnding
  • Highly secure
  • And many more…
    • Mission - To provide our customers with a mobile platform that offers all users a personalized and easy to use mobile application.
    • What we do - We offer a branded mobile service to your employees and end users, that caters for all their daily needs, whether work related or social.
      We integrate with your data to provide users with real time information directly to their mobile devices.
    • Why choose us - Mobitti is a well-established mobile service provider for higher education and organizations, with a long list of customers.
      We offer personalized services to our customers, with professional and quick support.


    Mobitti for Academic


    Mobitti for Organizations

    Work features

    Connect with your employees anytime anywhere. Allow employees to report attandance, recieve push notifications, send employees with personalized informaiton

    Social features

    Quick implementation of the service. Simply choose your brand graphics and we will do the rest. In a matter of days you will have your branded application up and running.

    Application dashboard

    Dynamically control the modules of the applications. With an easy to user interface, g>send push messages (alerts, emergency and updates) to the users.

    Quick implemnetation

    Simply download the app and start communicate with your employees.

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